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Karen Monsees

Lee Shaw

Personal Blog
Retired from the 9-5 rat race and now more busy then ever.
My main projects:
WorldProfit – The best internet marketing training
Watkins Products – Providing quality since 1868
ColorHappy – A fun and cheap business to get into
Genusity – New advertising platform called Proximity Marketing
Meats4Life – Grass fed beef and other products
My Blogs:
My Safelists:
All Safe Ads
Big League Ads
Homerun Mails
Safelist Adz
My Websites:
Aaron Newby

Personal Blog
Focus on the Service you provide, not the reward you receive.
In the end, what we have and achieve in life is simply a reflection of the service we gave. Whether it is what you gave in the way of your service in sales... The benefit that your products gave to the consumer, the lives you saved as a physician. The lives you enriched and shaped as a teacher. The more we give and the better we give, the more we have.
When the focus of your activities are on the money you will earn, it diminishes the service you provide and the outcomes you achieve. On the other hand, if you focus on providing the best options and services to your clients... when your heart is in doing the best job possible for your customer, they know it. And soon, the world knows it and they will be beating a path to your door and money worries become a thing of the past. It all starts with focusing on service.
Richard Moyer

Personal Blog
Retired (for the 3rd time).
I just blog, write tutorials, network marketing.

My Websites:

* - Business to Business Blog and eCommerce

* - WorldProfit Home Page and Blogs

* - Life Balance eBooks

* - Life Balance Review Site

* - Drip Campaigns

Our Safelists/Traffic Exchanges:

* SoloAdsWork

* FunSoloAds

* YouNeedTraffic

My Favorite Traffic Sites

* CriticalMassAds, Leads2Cash, ViralCashMultiplier

Major Projects:

* WorldProfit
* Team Elite Home Businesses + 39 Streams of Income
* Your Viral Network list builder sites
* All-In-One-Profits - Easy Profits Academy Team Build
* Payspree Sniper
Bruce William Taylor

Personal Blog
I am an ex US Navy Nuclear Submariner, Electronics Technician and Technical Writer.

My mission is to be an independent business owner and operator... and to help others do the same.

With the development of 3D Printing, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence, our world has changed, and we need to break free from the old paradigms.

Now, more than ever before, we have the opportunity to create a new reality for ourselves - and our children.

I wish the best for YOU and YOUR family.

Let me know if I can help out.

Will Taylor

sherry goff

mother of 2 grown kids and 4 grandkids and affiliate marketer
Charles Goldie

Iphota Thelemaque

Personal Blog
I am a successful home business marketer and I am here to help guide you to make a successful website.
Ronald D Nelson

I grew up on a Farm then farmed for about 10 years. after 3 Years in U.S. Army. Went broke Farming. Bought a 18 Wheerler and drove a Truck for 32 Years then retired. Got bored doing nothing started INTERNET MARKETING and here I am.
Jason Hale

Michael Camire

Personal Blog
My name is Michael Camire. I love helping others achieve their goal of having and owning their own Internet business by showing them how to build a list of prospects and advise them of the necessary tools needed to be successful.

Who is Michael Camire?

I am retired from the United States Air Force (USAF) after 20 years of service, married to my best friend, Sally, for over 30 years and have six grown children, two girls and four boys and twelve grandchildren, two great-grandchildren.

I hail from Lewiston, Me and have lived in many different places while serving in the USAF. Some of those areas are Limestone Me, Portsmouth NH, Azores, Fayetteville NC, RAF Lakenheath England and finally Prattville, AL.

I spent many years as a Boy Scout leader with my youngest son, Phillip and Sally as a Girl Scout leader with our youngest daughter, Danielle. The troop was very active and camped at least once a month. I have a passion for camping and love the woods. It`s a great way to see and explore the country.

I also have a great passion for exotic birds. Sally and I started rescue for exotic birds after finding that local organization did not know how and what to do with them when turned over. Do to down turn of the economy, storms and tornadoes that has hit Alabama and surrounding states, has caused many people to give up their pets. So many of the birds need specialized care, some more than others and require rehabilitation before being re-homed.

Can you do it?

You sure can! Contact me via Skype, Pratbirdman or email me at Tell me a little about yourself and your goals and we`ll start discussions. Looking forward to connecting with you and help you turn your dreams into reality.

To Your Success,

Michael Camire
Floyd Franks

“Hello and Welcome. Thanks for Stopping by, My name is Floyd Franks,
I retired from the oil field about 3 yrs. ago, Living in Utah. I am an Internet Entrepreneur.

I have Marketed Online for several years now. I am involved in several online Amazing Business Opportunities, One you can join as a Founder at a limited time offer Ground Floor Opportunity. And I absolutely love Worldprofit and the people here are so helpful just Extraordinary. Take Care, Talk Soon...

To your success
~ Floyd

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